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Pupadour Bundle
Pupadour Bundle
Pupadour Bundle

Pupadour Bundle

Pupadour's Pampered Pup Duo
Fragrant, Soft, Moisturized.
- Natural Conditioning makes pups' coats cuddly soft & healthy.
- Skin Moisturizing to prevent excessive shedding.
- Reduces costly trips to the groomer and messes from Bath time.
- Prevents Cracked, Irritated, Chapped, or Dry Noses and Paws.
- Protects and Moisturizes Paws & Snoots from the Elements.
Whether it's protecting your pup's nose & paws from the weather or softening their coat with our fragrance spray - your pup deserves the best. Turn your pup into a Mutt Magnet with our Pupadour Bundle.
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Pet-Safe Ingredients

Water, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Soy Lethicin, Pet-Safe Essential Oils, Fragrance Oil, Preservatives


Applying Pupadour is easy! Just Shake, Spritz, Rub, and you're done! Make sure to rub it through their fur for a soft and conditioned coat. It's not just a fragrance!

How does Pupadour calm my pup and reduce anxiety?

Aromatherapy is the measured use of essential oils to maintain, restore and protect health & well-being. Aromatherapy applies to dogs as well with their sensitive noses, so we included safe, diluted essential oils to relieve their tension and anxiety using lavender & frankincense. 

For more detail, we wrote this short blog post showing the research we did and how it soothes your pup in detail!

How does Pupadour soften and condition my dogs coat?

Our Pupadour formula includes Coconut and Argan Oil to help your pups' skin and coats stay healthy & silky soft. Both oils are excellent natural cleansers for the skin and coats of dogs.

For more detail, we wrote this short blog post with more information on how these oils naturally benefit your dog's coat!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Isabelle Evans
Awesome products

This set is perfect! I have a pug, and she sometimes has issues with dry paw pads and nose. She is also very sensitive, but the natural ingredients and scents do not bother her at all! The paw and nose balm has kept her nose moisturized in the colder weather. Her coat has become shinier and softer using the spray conditioner, as well as smelling just like the groomers!

Michael A.
Smells like a groomer!

Its perfect. Smells strong enough and lasts but is not overburdening.

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