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The Founders

Pupadour was founded by two friends after we just couldn't find a proper fragrance for our 2 pups, Token (left) and Baron (right). Token, with his high energy, was a little hard to bathe frequently and manage his longer coat to stay healthy and soft. Baron’s skin gets a little dry in the winter from his short coat and sometimes his paws smell like chips (sorry Baron, it's the truth).

We wanted a spray that keeps the coat soft & healthy, smells unique, and relaxes our pups without harmful ingredients or irritating their sensitive noses.  Despite looking everywhere, we couldn't find any handcrafted fragrances that we could trust to be safe for our new furry friends. Instead, we found standard scents and gimmicky labels without any of the coat conditioning or aromatherapy. So, we set out to create our own.

The Product

We chose to focus exclusively on Male Dog Scents instead of all pet scents for a variety of reasons. Sweet, floral, and unisex scents don't capture your pup's uniqueness or give them a signature scent. We set out to create sophisticated scents specifically for male dogs that everyone can love. We added coconut oil and argan oil as a pet friendly way to moisturize and protect Baron's skin and fur. And to curb Token’s high energy during walks or when company’s over, we added therapeutic grade essential oils for aromatherapy to help calm him down and reduce anxiety. 

The Ingredients

Natural Conditioning. Pet Friendly. Shed Mitigating. Aside from a great smelling product, these three are our top priorities in creating our signature scents.

1. Naturally Derived Ingredients: Chemicals can harm your skin and your hair, the same is the case for your pup. We use only the safest, nontoxic, naturally derived ingredients with names that are recognizable and you can pronounce; no hidden chemicals behind long unspeakable words.

2. Pet Friendly: If it's made for pets, it should be safe for pets. All ingredients are safe for use on your furry friends. Your pup's nose is extremely sensitive, so we dilute our essential oils as to not agitate their sense of smell. 

3. Shed Mitigating: Shedding is a pain. From the couch, your clothes and even your drain, no matter how much you brush it seems to get everywhere. We crafted our formula with Coconut Oil and Argan Oil specifically to help mitigate and prevent shedding through proper moisture and conditioning of your pup's skin to their hair follicles.