100% Pet Friendly


We use Coconut & Argan Oil which is PROVEN to mitigate shedding by relieving skin irritations through proper conditioning of your pup's skin & coat.

Natural Conditioning.

All of our ingredients are naturally derived, recognizable and easy to pronounce.
No hidden ingredients behind long unrecognizable chemical names.

Pet Friendly.

All ingredients in our products are naturally derived, 100% pet safe, veterinarian vetted and approved.
All essential oils used are prediluted for safe application on your furry friend.

Fragrance & Coat Conditioner

Triple Pack
  • Vet Approved

    Naturally Derived.
    PH Balanced.
    Silicone & Paraben Free.

  • Cuddly Scents

    "He smells so good I just want to stay in bed and cuddle him all day!"

  • Coat Conditioner

    Leaves your pup's coat irresistibly soft and cuddly without the oily look or feel

  • Shed Mitigant

    Helps relieve shedding through proper skin & hair moisture without irritating your pup's sensitive skin

  • Bright. Mahogany. Piney.

    A decorated Christmas tree filling the room with evergreen spice like a freshly lit candle. An Autumn hike through the citrusy spruce forest with colored leaves and pines. All combined and bottled with care to soften your furry friend's hair.


    Pupadour’s Forest Musk. 

  • Floral. Nautical. Refreshing.

    Picture yourself strolling the beach as the sun crests the horizon. The salty air blows with the waves that crash over your sandy feet. Seagrass waves with the wind beside old weathered driftwood. All contained like a long lost message corked in a bottle. 


    Pupadour’s Nautical Aura.

  • Smokey. Woody. Sweet Musk.

    A summer night campfire, embers glowing, smoking blowing, tinder crackling. An old bearded captain puffing his pipe and a golfer on hole 13 with a cigar needing a light. All combined to create . . .


    Pupadour’s Smokey Essence